Gilbert & George at Brooklyn Museum


 The Beaux-Arts facade of the Brooklyn Museum greets me as a I emerge from the subway at Eastern Parkway.  On a mission to the Gilbert & George retrospective, I dash through the museum’s Polshek designed glass pavilion/plaza entrance and head to the 4th floor.  


The exhibit features ninety pictures produced since 1970 and a dozen or so that can exclusively be viewed at the Brooklyn Museum.  Themes of religion, sex, and race are explored through brightly colored panoramas, charcoal on paper sketches, witty postcards, and film allowing us but a glimpse into the living art that is Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore.  With matching suits and matching initials, the couple has been together for the span of their career and are inseparable.  The exhibit has been on tour for more than a year and makes its grand finale in the States here at the Brooklyn Museum.  Now through January 11, 2009.  


Also check out MTV’s HD experience with Gilbert & George in Time Square.  


In sharp contrast to the Gilbert and George all masculine motifs is the permanent exhibit of Judy Chicago’s  “The Dinner Party” located in the Center for Feminist Art.  An amazing massive triangular table measuring almost fifty-feet on each side has been prepared to celebrate women throughout history.  Each decorative placemat reserved for a woman that has been omitted or minimized in historical record.  Among the 39 names are Sophia, Hypatia, Hildegard of Bingen, Anne Hutchinson, Sojourner Truth, and Georgia O’Keeefe.   



Barely Brooklyn’s dinner party list of notable modern women includes:

Diane von Furstenberg

Billie Jean King

Oprah Winfrey

Susan Sarandon

Angela Davis

Cindy Sherman

Condoleeza Rice 

Gloria Steinem

Judy Chicago (the one and only)

Cynthia McKinney

Louise Bourgeois

Queen Latifah

Ellen Degeneres

Cindy Sheehan


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